Physical Development and Fitness

PlaySure Gym

Aminu Nda Duza was a skinny kid since birth but always desired to be muscular, fit and strong. At twenty-five, having obtained a master’s degree in Economics and with a busy schedule at one of the new generation banks in Minna, the only thing he wanted to change about himself was his body. However, his membership of the PlaySure Gym is fast turning his dreams of a macho-physique into reality. From 6:30 a.m. every morning, except Sundays, he visits PlaySure Event Centre, After New Market Maitumbi- Maikunkele Bypass Maitumbi, Minna, Niger State, where he exercises his body under the supervision of a personal trainer before heading to work or continuing with his other daily activities.

Aisha Ngozi Adebayo wanted to lose some weight but had no desire to engage in strenuous physical exercises. After seeing and hearing the testimony of her colleague at work, she joined the PlaySure Gym and signed up for aerobic classes. Soon she was cycling on our foot pedals and enjoying the process of staying fit, losing weight and fitting into smaller dresses.

We also provide a special service, based on booking, for conservative women in seclusion (purdah) who wish to exercise and train their bodies.

The PlaySure Gym is a non-discriminating and morale-healthy place where young, middle-aged and retired professionals of every class, religion and tribe enjoy their privacy and fulfil their personal body image goals and aspirations.

We also offer dietary counselling, massage sessions, stamina building, healthy and positive lifestyle education and many other physical education and training. Our equipment and appliances include standard gym sets, dumb bells, treadmills, foot pedals, cycling machines, gym balls, step boxes, bench presses, and punching bags.

We are a team of affordable and experienced fitness professionals. For membership and other enquiries, please contact: 08034500714, 08023153479.