Event Centre & Lounge

PlaySure Event Centre & Lounge:

Located along the Maitumbi-Maikunkele Airport Bypass, off Dana Pharmaceutical Roundabout, in Maitumbi, a serene and fast-developing suburb of Minna, in Niger State, the PlaySure Event Centre hosts weddings, birthday celebrations, multi-faith events, parties and many other celebrations in a sitting capacity for 250 guests, an extra 50 in our spacious grounds, plus a landscaped outdoor facility for 100 guests, across the event centre.

The PlaySure Lounge is fully air-conditioned, with elegant rest-rooms, a pool and table tennis tables, DJ turntable, a standby generator (85 KVA), changing rooms, and refrigerated drinks of every kind in an ambience suitable for first class customers.

Situated outside the noise and hustle of the city, our guests arrive for appetisers such as pepper soup, isi-ewu, chicken and chips and salacious noodles. The rest of our menu caters for stomachs as distinct as the faces of our multi-ethnic customers.

Be it the music, the food and drinks, the outdoor experience, the sporting channels on display, the peaceful ambience of our facilities, our customers have many reasons to return with acquaintances, business partners, friends and family.

For booking and reservations, please contact: 08034500714, 08036214354, 08182134632.