PlaySure Cement Depot

Maitumbi, transliterated as a man with a big stomach, is arguably the fastest growing suburb of Minna, in Niger State. And whenever there is growth, there’s a need for cement. The PlaySure Cement Depot was established to supply this need and sustain the growth of our host community. The best brands of cement are available for pickup and we also deliver on request.

Our clientele includes private home builders, construction firms, religious institutions, international organisations and every builder in need of good cement. We obtain our cement directly from the manufacturers and we do not re-bag the products. Our depot is capable of supplying every range of cement orders and our reputations are reliability and efficiency.

Visit us and make your orders at PlaySure Cement Depot: Maitumbi-Maikunkele Airport Bypass, off Dana pharmaceutical Roundabout, PlaySure Bus-Stop, Maitumbu, Minna, Niger State.

For orders and other enquiries, please contact: 08034500714, 08036214354.