guest inn 2(3)
Our eight bedroom guest inn is a secured, exclusive and secluded paradise for those who do not wish to be disturbed, who desire a home away from home, to rest or to work, or do the two.
Event center 13
PlaySure Event Centre hosts weddings, birthday celebrations, multi-faith events, parties and many other celebrations in a sitting capacity for 250 guests, an extra 50 in our spacious grounds
gym 2
The PlaySure Gym is a non-discriminating and morale-healthy place where young, middle-aged and retired professionals of every class, religion and tribe enjoy their privacy and fulfil their personal body image goals and aspirations.
Pictures for cement business (2)
The PlaySure Cement Depot was established to supply this need and sustain the growth of our host community. The best brands of cement are available for pickup and we also deliver on request.
Food processing 1 (1)
PlaySure, as a development partner, provides food processing machinery at an affordable cost to farmers who seek to polish their rice, grind millet, corn and other farm produce.
PlaySure Toys 1
We have provided comprehensive sexuality education and counselling. Our sale of adult toys, marital aids, therapeutic appliances, lubricants, lingerie, intimacy aids and other safe stimulants is geared towards healthy and harmonious interactions.